Gourmet Tomato Soup

Gourmet Tomato Soup
Gourmet Tomato Soup is a savoury and nutritious instant snack with Mediterranean herbs for a delicious flavour. Approximately 104 calories per serving, it’s a great guilt free snack.


104 kcal per serving, ideal for those managing their calorie intake.
High in protein (7g), to help you build lean muscle mass.
High in fibre (3.2g), to help towards your daily fibre intake.
Ideal as part of your healthy 5 small meal plan
8 times the protein of regular tomato soup*
*The composition of foods; Foods Standards Agency and The Institute of Food Research in the UK, 2006.


Gourmet Tomato Soup is a great savoury snacking alternative. Whether it is something warm and tasty between meals, or as an appetiser or even for those late night snack attacks. Keep it healthy and tasty without piling on the calories.


Mix 2½ tablespoons (32g) with 200ml of hot or cold water. When using the Herbalife_spoon, use 2 large and 2 small levelled scoops.

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